p+np# – a formula for the primes?

Take virtually any prime number as a start, and add any multiple of the next, smaller, prime number and you will create a set of integers that contains every prime…….provided one takes into account the structure of the primes as outlined on this blog. So 5 has to be considered with 7; add 3# or 6 to either 5 or 7 and one creates a set of integers containing every prime.

Take 11, add 5# or 5x3x2=30, take the structure of the primes in that there are now 8 bases and a similar result obtains.

…..this is unfinished business, but thought it’s worth posting – a very simple formula – p+np# – throws up some interesting insights into prime distribution and complexity.

The page titled “prime number alignment” shows the outcome of this formula – numerous links between prime numbers! Mathematicians may not be surprised or intrigued but I thought it was at least interesting and worth noting.

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